ProstaGene is a biotechnology start up company that is developing technology based on patents of the Founder, Dr. Richard G. Pestell. ProstaGene LLC integrates proprietary molecular diagnostics with novel therapeutic screening and commercial experience in order to develop novel treatments for cancer.

ProstaGene is an early stage company that seeks to obtain financing to recruit a CEO and pursue commercialization through contracted development, partnering and out-licensing of 1) its gene-based prostate cancer testing technology and 2) its cancer metastasis prevention and treatment technology.  It has filed and is prosecuting patents covering its technologies in the US and major countries around the world, and also maintains its gene signature test details as trade secrets.

ProstaGene was founded by Dr. Richard Pestell based on technology developed at the Center and unconditionally licensed to the company. Dr Pestell was until 2015, Director of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson University, and Executive Vice President of Jefferson University,   He has published papers in major peer-reviewed scientific journals* consistent with the following company expectations:  1) The company anticipates that its prostate cancer testing technologies will revolutionize prostate therapy through precision (98.5%+ predictive value)  genetic testing (including use of urine samples to replace needle biopsies for initial diagnosis) whose accuracy will significantly improve survival rates while reducing unnecessary and invasive diagnostic and involving maintenance therapy  and therapeutic interventions; 2) The company anticipates that its metastasis control technology will revolutionize cancer therapy by providing the first important drug for preventing and treating metastasis in prostate, breast and other cancers, and a companion test to identify those patients who will respond to it – anticipated to be around 50% of prostate and breast cancer cases, resulting in an unusually broad market.  Since this metastasis technology and IP are based on blocking the CCR5 receptor, an accelerated path to FDA approval and the market may available through out-licensing the repurposing of tested/approved HIV drugs that target the receptor.

  • The company has developed a diagnostic test that distinguishes benign from malignant prostate cancer with a predictive value of >98% in two retrospective clinical studies.
  • The company has developed a prognostic test that defines a group of patients with poor outcome based on a signature of gene expression in the patients prostate tumor.
  • The company has developed a novel platform for preclinical testing of therapies for metastatic prostate cancer in immune competent mice.
  • The company has identified a therapeutic for metastatic prostate cancer that has shown to be highly effective in preclinical testing (1,2).

ProstaGene is headquartered in Wynnewood Pennsylvania.

100 Lancaster Avenue
Room 133
Wynnewood, PA 19096

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